Hello, Words…

Welcome to Hipster Booked/A Life In Paperback, the sister blog to DJ Toaster Biscuit (and her musings on music).

Much as I am enamored by music to an obsessive degree, I’m also an avid reader. Once I get my hands on a book I enjoy, it is hard for me to stop to do anything else.

As early as I remember, I always told people I wanted to be an author… Or a monkey. At six, when classmates said they wanted to be a fireman or a lifeguard or some sort of heroic figure, I simply said, “I’m going to be an author,” and floated off to create a new storyline between the already complicated lives of the classroom stuffed animals.

For the meantime, while I concoct stories in my head, I pass the time with a “stable” retail job, listen to any of my 11,000 songs, switch on NPR (total hipster, I know), or get lost in a book. I’ll occasionally blog about musical trends, what I’m listening to, new artists, or shows I’ve attended. With Hipster Booked, I hope to discuss books I have read, books I am reading, books I plan to read, and/or anything remotely literary. It could even be an awesome piece of graffiti… Who knows!?

Currently reading: “Kasher In The Rye” by Moshe Kasher

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