Reading For Empowerment

Last week, I finished all of the supplemental essays for the Common Application & Wellesley, and submitted it. Part of me wishes I had submitted it as an Early Decision application, but that would have been much more time consuming and expensive, paying for overnight rushes for all of the transcripts needed. Honestly, it is much better for me and Wellesley that I submitted it as a regular application. This gives me time to get my transcripts there, set up an interview, do some volunteer work, add things to my resume, and work on an essay, a plea, in case they say no.

And, one small thing that can be done that can have an impact is read, read some more, and then read again. I have a bookshelf full of books I want to read. I have two boxes in the attic of books I want to read. They aren’t going to get read just sitting there. My goal is to read at least two books a month, maybe three or four if I’m fervent enough. Right now, I’m working on “Are You My Mother?” by Alison Bechdel and “All That Is Bitter and Sweet” by Ashley Judd. I find it interesting that I’m reading books that deal with gender identity and familial relationships during the midst of deciding Wellesley is my top choice for where I plan to finish my education, possibly majoring in Sociology and minoring in Gender Studies (or vice versa).

I usually have two books going. Sometimes, I get bored with one story, but not reading, so I’ll put aside a book for a couple days while taking in the other. I might even read twenty or thirty pages of each a day. There might even be a few days that don’t involve proper reading. But, that is going to change. I have to get my brain ready for school. I’ll be taking four classes simultaneously, each requiring a hefty amount of reading and rereading. Once back in school, I’ll have less time to read for pleasure, so reading as many books as I can now is important. Not only will I be able to say things like, “I agree with your opinion on the major theme of innocence in ‘Swann’s Way’,” but the library will get a huge donation and my bookshelf will become noticeably clear.

The plan is to expand my literary, social, cultural, and political knowledge in order to feel more comfortable being in an educational setting. Being well read often puts people in the advantage, and I hope to be one of them. Also, when writing a possible plea, I can use my gained knowledge as a bolster to prove I am interested in my own education and self-preservation.

Go forth and read! Knowledge is power!!

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