Treadwell’s Bookshop

Magic! Books! Love! London! What isn’t to love?

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treadwells-store-st-resizeTreadwell’s Bookshop, 33 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BS

Even before you step into the front door of Treadwell’s books, you know something wonderful is about to happen.  The books on display on the small shelf outside and those in the inviting window display immediately tell you that it’s not an ordinary bookshop.  Their focus on folklore and fairy tales, magic, voodoo and the occult immediately catches the eye.


I’ve been in this shop a few times in the past couple of months after a devoted fan recommended it to me and it has become a favourite of mine.  So much so that it gets my back up a bit to hear people dismissively refer to it as ‘oh, the witchcraft bookshop…’  Yes, the shop is dedicated to books about ‘esotericism, anthropology, religion and spirituality’ so in a way, it is London’s prime occult bookshop.  But it’s also so much more. …

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