About Ellie McHale

At six years old, I boldly declared I want to be an author. Twenty-five years later, I still do. I find comfort in good books, well written music, and photographs that smack you across the face & cause you to lose your breath. I’d be happy to spend a day with a book or two, a huge mug of tea, some gingersnaps, and my cat. Eeeep! Scary cat lady! No. I’m not. I do lead an active life. But, sometimes, a book is what life calls for.

To come in this blog are thoughts on books I have read, am reading, and will read. I’ll also ponder words and language. You will probably read about anything remotely literary and/or creative, including an interesting piece of graffiti or a thought that randomly popped into my head. I promise.

Any reading and/or blog post suggestions you may have can be emailed to djtoasterbiscuit@gmail.com. Writers, if you would love me to review your work, I will happily do so, free of charge. Why free? That allows me to be honest!

If you have time, please check out my other blogs and YouTube channel!
With Love, Ellie (Most Frequently Updated)
Losing It, Finding Love
DJ Toaster Biscuit
Ellie @ YouTube (Please Subscribe!)


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