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So You Want to Be a Storyteller?

This is a great read, full of great advice for verbal storytelling that I know can be applied to the written word.

Sam S. Mullins: a blog about anything

Really? Even if people won’t want to date you ever again for fear that you’ll one day talk about them on stage? You’re sure?

Okay. Welcome aboard.

Here’s a cheap glass of wine. Where we’re going, you’ll need it.

I’ve got to tell you – I think you’ve picked a great time to get into the story game. I mean, with the success of storytelling podcasts like The Moth, RISK!, Definitely Not the Opera, Snap Judgement and This American Life millions of people are now aware of the phenomenon of modern storytelling. Just about every city in North America now has a regular storytelling event, and there seems to be more opportunities for storytellers than ever before. For raconteurs like us, the getting has never been good-er.

But before you start speaking your heart into the crackly microphone at the local roti place’s storytelling event (at which no one is there to actually hear stories [they’re just there…

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Is Feminism Depressing? Ableism, mental illness and fourth wave feminism

An interesting read. It hit a nerve, neither positively nor negatively. It just did.


I took part in a discussion with a few Twitter users the other day in which we spoke about the appropriation of the term “depressing” in the title of a webchat about the effects of fourth wave feminism. This conversation took many meandering paths and we were pretty unanimous in our opprobrium of medicalised terms to discuss everyday experiences. We spoke, at length, about the myriad ways in which we, as women with disabilities, are erased from the discourse of mainstream feminism. On the one hand my instinct is to ignore the word “depressing” as something which has become deeply assimilated into our everyday conversations, but on the other I am aware of the hypocrisy of ignoring such terms whilst feeling offend by the use of other medical terms such as “schizophrenic” or “retarded” as adjectives for negative terminology. 

 My life has been full of a variety of tragic strands…

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Day In The Life: Day Off

This is what a typical day off looks like for me, although some days, I find myself with more to do.

DJ Toaster Biscuit

It’s Monday and I’m lucky to have the day off. That is a pro (or con?) of working retail. Yesterday, I visited a friend in Morro Bay and good chunk of my day was driving.

Today, I’m taking it easy, especially as this time next week I will be back at school with a full load of classes.


I woke up at 9.45am and grabbed a cup of coffee while I decided what to eat for breakfast.


I decided on a couple pears and some cheese. Good carbs, calcium, and protein!


I sorted through the Sunday papers and picked out the sections I like. I’ve got some good reading to do. My two notebooks I use for new words I come across & ideas I get for creative writing and blog posts.


Afternoon tea and cookie. So good!


I love these glass jars I got from Urban Outfitters a few…

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So very refreshing & delightful. These are the people I appreciate in life.

Black Friday is here once again.  H and I made our annual Black Friday pilgrimage.

The lines were long and epic

The roads were packed with holiday traffic, and we had to park miles away from the mall.

We scored a great deal on some sunshine (80% off, Woohoo!).  I trampled some people to get a screaming deal on some Fresh Air (it was practically free at $00.00).  We also got a HUGE box of endorphins for all our friends and all the loyal readers of this blog.

It was not all fun.  We had to climb to the 200th floor of the mall for some Sweeping Views.  Then we went screaming down to the lobby, only to hammer back up 160 floors for some Burning Quads.

All things considered, it was a successful Black Friday.  We spent $000.00 and arrived home tired and hungry.

Pretty pictures aside, there is…

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This is exactly what I needed to read today. And, I need to read this everyday. I forget to remind myself to try harder and to do what is best for the outcome of my life… I need to be as great as I want to be. No one else can do that for me.

The Better Man Project ™



I have to say, I really think playing it safe is not the way to go. Not because there aren’t moments where you really have to take care of yourself, but in a general attitude point of view. There is this old saying that says that a ship is safe in the harbor…but that’s not what ships are made for. Let yourself set out to the dangerous seas which are your life and open the sails. Tie down the ropes and move. Move towards the edge because that is where your limits live. Right at the edge. You will know it when you get there because this little thing called fear pops into your mind. You will hear your mind start to chatter a million miles a second. This is a good sign. Keep moving forward.

The message is really short today. You were built to do amazing…

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To piggyback on my Gratitude post, here are some amazing ideas to show your gratitude to those you love… Or anyone at all.

Live Someday

  1. Write them a letter.
  2. Respect their privacy. You don’t need to know every little detail about their past. You don’t need to know who they’re texting or who they’re on the phone with. Really, you don’t. Do you like it when others read over your shoulder?
  3. Wash their car.
  4. Lower your expectations. No one is perfect so stop expecting them to be!
  5. Give them a massage.
  6. Forgive and forget. It’s normal to get angry, but holding grudges kills relationships. There comes a time when you have to move on.
  7. Take them on an adventure.
  8. Show interest in their hobbies. Just because you don’t like watching football doesn’t mean you can’t watch it with them every once in awhile!
  9. Offer to pay for their meal.
  10. Listen to them. Temporarily stop what you’re doing to minimize distractions and show that you’re actually listening.
  11. Give them a hug or kiss.
  12. Give up your…

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Keeping in rhythm of recent uproar over the backwards thinking about rape certain people are making public, I think it is important that this article is read. We all need to get on the same page here. Assault, abuse, harassment, and rape: all evil, unfair, and unnecessary. Devaluing and undermining what a person has gone through will never be acceptable. A rose is a rose is a rose, no matter how badly torn apart it is. So, don’t you ever say it is anything but.

(Dana Bolger)–[Trigger warning for sexual assault]

Dear Amherst College community:

The photographs below feature eleven men and women who were sexually assaulted at Amherst College and the words that members of our community said to them following their assaults. Not every survivor is holding his or her own sign; some of the students have transferred or dropped out of Amherst out of fear of their attackers’ continued presence on campus or from lack of options in the face of an unsympathetic administration.

Many of you were shocked to read Angie Epifano’s story. Most of us in the survivor community at Amherst were deeply saddened but not surprised to learn of her experience with the College administration, since it so closely mirrored our own.

I have followed our college community’s reactions to Angie’s story. The outrage toward our school’s administration is just and appropriate. That our administration owes a…

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I need to remind myself of this every day. Good words to live by.